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Alternativeslashpairings!at the Disco. [entries|friends|calendar]
Jwalkin', not Ryden.

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[February 24 2010]

Title: The Oldest Trick In the Book (244 word drabble)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ryan/William
Disclaimer: These belong to themselves and this never happened.
Summary: Ryan falls for William's trick.

This is why we're never on time for anything.

Arguments - Standalone [December 3 2009]

Title: Arguments
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: T
Pairing: Alex Greenwald/Ryan Ross
Summary: Alex Greenwald and Ryan Ross can't stop arguing, but are things really as bad as they seem?
Disclaimer: FICTIONAL! As far as I know...
Warnings: Haha, nothing, really...
Author: havah24601
Beta: alifeofourown
Author's Notes: I wrote this for my friend emmyatthedisco because I know that she loves this pairing and she's been having a really rough time this week - I thought she deserved something nice because she's always there for me.


Insult Me - S/A [October 16 2009]

Title: Insult Me
Author: havah24601
Rating: M, to be safe.
Pairing: Ryan Ross/Alex Greenwald
POV: 3rd Person.
Summary: Ryan and Alex get bored and decide to have a Shakespearean Insult contest...but will it turn into more?
Disclaimer: This is really just good fun, I don't own these boys.
Beta: vkyerie
Author Notes: I had SO much fun writing this you wouldn't believe it! Dedicated to emmyatthedisco .

Insult Me.


Looking for a Pete/Brendon fic... [June 11 2009]
ok I don't know if I am supposed to ask this here but I read a fic a while back that was Pete and Brendon right before he signed PATD and Ryan was downstairs while they hooked up and Pete left him money for new sheets....can anyone help me find this?

Reunion [standalone] [January 6 2009]

Title: Reunion
Chapter: [standalone]
Rating: PG-13
Author: graduatehorror
Pairing: Rosswalk, Shancer, and Bden/his four high school ex's
Point of View: 3rd
Summary: 10 year high school reunion.
Disclaimer: Totally not real.
Author's Notes: I haven't written in awhile so I thought I'd come back with something sweet and funny. Hope you enjoy. <3
Beta: flora_et_fauna = awesome win!!
Previous Fics: The Vault

Ten Years Later

Live Our Misbehavior, Spencer/Brendon, NC-17 [December 4 2008]

Title: Live Our Misbehavior
Author: boweryd
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Summary: “Do you think I’m a slut,” Brendon says, “Because you’ve been acting kind of really weird since you came on my face.”
Disclaimer: I clearly don’t own any of these people and this clearly never happened.
Warnings: Clearly, clearly, there is a warning for facials.
Author Notes: Title and cut text come from The Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies),” and also, I AM SO SORRY, it is not my fault, I was peer pressured into this and I have total permission to blame shutyourface for this, SO I AM DOING THAT PREEMPTIVELY. Thanks to the aforementioned shutyourface for being a comma slayer, and to my boo okubyo_kitsune for looking over this for me!

Come on baby in our dreams, we can live on misbehavior.

That Teenage Feeling, Jon/Brendon, NC-17 [November 18 2008]

Title:  That Teenage Feeling
Author: boweryd
Rating:  NC-17
Pairing:  Jon/Brendon
Summary:  So, Brendon has this problem where he’s maybe a technical virgin.
Disclaimer:  I clearly don’t own any of these people and this clearly never happened.
Warnings:   Just your normal gay sexy sexin’ things.  Brendon is a giant failboat?
Author Notes:  Title and cut text  come from Neko Case’s “That Teenage Feeling,” and I really need to branch out for fic titles.  Devendra Banhart’s “Now That I Know” is referenced vaguely within. A HUGE thanks to enhendi and paint_the_days for the awesome betas!

That Teenage Feeling

Love Hate Relationship [standalone] [November 14 2008]

Title: Love Hate Relationship
Chapter: [standalone]
Rating: PG-13
Author: graduatehorror
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Point of View: 3rd
Summary: There was no one Brendon Urie hated more than Spencer Smith, but there was no one Spencer Smith loved more than Brendon Urie.
Disclaimer: So not real.. but totally probably maybe should be.
Beta: castingstones
Author's Notes: This was written for maggiesynders based on this picture.
Previous Fics: The Vault

There was no one Brendon Urie hated more than Spencer Smith.

Carry On and On and On, Ryan/Spencer, NC-17 [November 14 2008]


Title:  Carry On and On and On
Author:  boweryd 
Rating:  NC-17
Pairing:  Ryan/Spencer
POV: Third person
 "You are so awesome, Spencer, Gerard Way is going to sweat on us!"
Disclaimer:  I clearly don’t own any of these people and this clearly never happened.
Warnings:   Teenage frottage shenanigans! Gerard Way!
Author Notes:  Written for anon_lovefest prompt, “Pre-fame Spencer/Ryan, frottage in the crowd at a MCR concert.”  My knowledge of MCR is admittedly fuzzy, so let’s just accept that Wikipedia is a totally valid source and enjoy the boy rubbing.


"It's just that Gerard's music matters you know?"


[November 1 2008]

Title: You Lied
Author: tigger_lee 
Pairing: Jon/Brendon
A/N:Written for 100songs  prompt, My Immortal - Evanescence

Follow Fake Cut To My Journal

In the night light we still shine bright (Shane/Brendon) [September 30 2008]

Title: In the night light we still shine bright
Author: bilvysforyou
Pairing: Shane/Brendon
Rating: R
Summary: Shane and Brendon sleep together. Unexpected things happen. (I'm not going to spoil it for you)
Disclaimer: I'm not a writer, I'm just a fan; this is not reality, this is fiction.
A/N: Important things under the cut

and then there were three

[September 25 2008]

Title: Bound
Author: writinchica2k
Pair: Jon/Brendon
Rating: R (language, mild bondage)
Disclaimer: all made up as far as I know.
Note: quick thing written for the bandom sex toy meme.
Anything to keep you for myself.Collapse )

Like Legs and Fingers Holding onto What Escapes Me: Shane/Brendon [September 20 2008]

Title: Like Legs and Fingers Holding onto What Escapes Me
Author: bilvysforyou
Pairing: Shane/Brendon
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third
Summary: Shane comes home from a long trip.
Disclaimer: I'm kidding. Fall Out Boy owns the title & cut text.
Beta: Thank you haushinka_77

The sun burnt out tonight

Trip - 4/7 [September 15 2008]

Title: Trip (4/7)
Author: ovidien 
Pairing: Jon Walker/Spencer Smith (P!atD)
Rating: Pg-13 for a little swearing.
Disclaimer: I own them not. I'm saving up to buy myself a Jon.
Summary: 'One thing Spencer finds infuriating about Jon is his passivity. Passivity or perhaps his general acceptance of things. Sometimes things go bad and you just have to deal with them. And Jon’s way of dealing with things, though possibly the most sensible, is still infuriating.
Word Count: 6123
Author Notes: it's taken me over a year to get this chapter done. turns out, though, it was almost done when i abandoned it. i was always going to come back and finish it, i just had a whole lot of real life in between. anyway, new chapter and it's over half way to completion omg!
i hope it was worth the wait. honestly and truly.
for noelle.

1. 2. 3.

Chapter Four - Spin )

[August 21 2008]

Title: Last
Author: bilvysforyou
Pairing: Kiddie!Brendon/Shane
Summary: Brendon hated coming last.
Disclaimer: I just love fiction, don't you? Not real.
Author’s Notes: under the cut.


Brendon Urie / Shane Valdez Pic Spam [August 14 2008]

I don't know if pic spams are allowed, but it's totally non-ryden. I Am extremely fond of this pairing, you have no idea. So, here, have a pic spam full of Urie/Valdez adorably loveliness!

So this is love (to my journal!)

By Moonlight [Sixteen Candles-verse, PG, 1/1] [June 6 2008]

[ mood | drained ]

Title: By Moonlight
Author: Darchangel Skye
Summary: Hell, compared to the first few months after his turning, hanging out with a street kid was nothing.
Genre: Sixteen Candles-verse, pre-video
Pair: implied Pete/Ryan (with maybe a Pete/Patrick moment if you squint and tilt your head sideways)
Rating: PG, no major warnings unless you hate vampires.
Disclaimer: Fake of course, everyone knows vampires don't really exist ;)
Word count: 5168 *collapses*
Large, hairy, and billowing thanks to: siren_mage for her primer and sharpest_rose for her fansite!
x-post: oh man, all over the place. People who get this at least thrice should spit into the wind.
Remember the same moon shines upon us both.Collapse )


Showtime (Pete/Ryan, NC17) [May 17 2008]

Title: Showtime
Author: Darchangel Skye
Summary: "I know you put on a great show out there, where everyone can see. But I want one of my own."
word count: 1420
Pair: Pete/Ryan (because I can't write anything else ^_^)
Rating: as NC17 as you can get. Bring the kids!...or not.
Disclaimer: Product of my (incedibly overactive) imagination.
Notes: pretty much the naughty continuation of Lights, Camera, Action. Title and cut-text lyric knicked from the Nelly Furtado song (which I highly recommended BTW- very sexy!)
We've been waiting too long for this moment/I'll put on my best smileCollapse )

Lights, Camera, Action [Pete/Ryan, PG13] [May 15 2008]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Title: Lights, Camera, Action
Author: Darchangel Skye
Summary: "I was thinking more 'let's see where this takes us'."
Word count: approx. 260
Pair: Pete/Ryan
Rating: heavy PG13, suggestions.
Disclaimer: Product of my imagination.
Notes: written for and crosspost to misswonderheart 's Pete Wentz Obviously Needs Some New Porn Meme.
Read more...Collapse )


26 new icons [April 5 2008]

4 x Jon/Ryan
6 x Pete/Ryan
1 x Pete/Jon
6 x Jon/Brendon
7 x Ryan/Spencer
2 x Jon/Spencer
Read more...Collapse )
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